New Year’s Detox

Monday, January 1st
8th annual New Years Detox with Mert 

More About This Workshop...

8th annual New Years Detox with Mert 

Ground, Flow, Restore with the Chakras 

It’s a New year – time to purify and clean off our lenses into the world. 

Take a journey with Mert through the 7 main energy centers/ wheels/ chakras of the body.  Seeing through the lens of each one can bring better understanding and awareness of what’s going on mentally and physically- we use poses, breath, sounds and color to tap into them- this practice can help you identify areas that need balancing and help you smooth them.  

Chakras are also a new way to look at and understand the whole world around you.  

Thai practice will include the traditional salt bowl meditation 🙏🏼

All Levels Practice – I cannot wait to see you 


New Year Ground, Flow, Restore