Unleash Your Rebel Spirit at Rebel Soul Yoga

Join the Rebel Soul Yoga team in Southport, North Carolina for regularly scheduled yoga classes, workshops, goddess circles and more.

About Rebel Soul Yoga

The studio is a nurturing and healing space for you to connect more deeply with yourself and connect to a more peaceful and balanced way of being. We are committed to nurturing and healing the whole self, mind, body and spirit.  We are a supportive community of like-minded souls who want to empower you to be your most authentic self.

Yoga Classes for Every Level

Our yoga teachers are experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable; each with their own talents and styles. We encourage students to try a variety of classes and teachers in order to find the experiences that serve them best.

students meditating in a seated position

Workshops & Events

Kirtan Bliss – Mantra Music & Heart Song Experience with Gershone & Gina

Friday, April 12th

Fusing elements of traditional kirtan with improv trance, rockin’ grooves, with sweet harmonies and deep spaces that move energy and uplift the heart in the collective experience of Bhakti Yoga.

Mantra Flow & Restore ~ Yoga & Live Music Experience with Gina Minyard & Gershone

Saturday, April 13th

Move, breathe, and immerse yourself in the transformative energy of mantra in this synergy offering of all levels flow and restorative yoga, with live mantra music. Mantras are ancient vibratory tools that recalibrate our being, bringing healing, upliftment, and expansion.

Rest & receive

Sunday, April 14th

This is an invitation to carve out time for yourself and release all the labels, titles, and responsibilities. Allow yourself to receive. Give yourself permission to seek sanctuary and surrender to the flow of Reiki. 

Realms of Meditation: Shamanic Journeying

Tuesday, April 16th

We’ll explore this ancient healing practice of entering into a deep, altered state of mind where spiritual insights, guides, and spiritual connections abound. We’ll take a deep dive into its history, its science, and its practice.

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