Unleash Your Rebel Spirit at Rebel Soul Yoga

Join the Rebel Soul Yoga team in Southport, North Carolina for regularly scheduled yoga classes, workshops, goddess circles and more.

About Rebel Soul Yoga

The studio is a nurturing and healing space for you to connect more deeply with yourself and connect to a more peaceful and balanced way of being. We are committed to nurturing and healing the whole self, mind, body and spirit.  We are a supportive community of like-minded souls who want to empower you to be your most authentic self.

Yoga Classes for Every Level

Our yoga teachers are experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable; each with their own talents and styles. We encourage students to try a variety of classes and teachers in order to find the experiences that serve them best.

students meditating in a seated position

Workshops & Events

December New Moon Goddess Circle

Tuesday, December 12th

This is an invitation to step into and co-create sacred space with other women. To learn and to teach. To inspire and be inspired by the wisdom we carry in our bones, the stories we so seldom share and the magic that happens when we come together to fully see and allow others to fully see us.

Kairos Soul Time

Sunday, December 17th

This workshop is your invitation to step into Kairos time. Kairos time is soul time; where our soul takes the lead over our mind. In this time when we allow the divine guide us. Kairos is an opportunity to go within. To listen to your soul's whispers. To dream. Create. To let go, go, go.... 

Winter Solstice Goddess Circle

Thursday, December 21st 

The winter solstice offers us a chance to pause between the waxing and waning of the light. Bring your curiosity and wonder on the shortest day of the year as we make time to connect with the rhythms of the natural world. 

Winter Solstice Restorative Yoga & Soundbath

Thursday, December 21st

The longest night is indeed a potent time to pause and reflect on the year that has passed.  When we align with the Wheel of the Year and flow with wild wisdom of the solstice, we invite ourselves to dwell thoughtfully in the close comfort of the womb-like darkness, and make preparations for the rebirth of the sun. 

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