Rest & receive

Sunday, April 14th

This is an invitation to carve out time for yourself and release all the labels, titles, and responsibilities. Allow yourself to receive. Give yourself permission to seek sanctuary and surrender to the flow of Reiki. 

Realms of Meditation: Shamanic Journeying

Tuesday, April 16th

We’ll explore this ancient healing practice of entering into a deep, altered state of mind where spiritual insights, guides, and spiritual connections abound. We’ll take a deep dive into its history, its science, and its practice.

Yin Nidra & Sound Healing with Mert Wray, ERYT-500

Sunday, April 21

It’s time for Full Pink Moon. The moon that means spring has arrived. Join Mert in celebrating this high energy moon in the sacred space of Rebel Soul Yoga.  

Full Moon Beach Yoga

Tuesday, April 23rd

Join Shannon for a gentle yoga practice (appropriate for ALL levels) under the light of the full moon!

A.R.T of Self Care – Session 3

Thursday, April 25th

Learn how to attend, respond, and transform fear towards trust.

Six Week Yoga Beginner Series 

Saturdays - April 27th - June 1st

The beginner series is a great way to start your yoga practice. Our In Studio 6-week series teaches new students the fundamentals of yoga and provides a safe and engaging learning environment. 

Realms of Meditation: Shadow Work Meditation

Tuesday, April 30th

We’ll explore what the Inner Shadows are, where and why they hide.  And, we’ll take a deep dive into the psyche, where we’ll learn how to resurrect our hidden shadow selves, meet them, and build new relationships with them.

New Moon Goddess Circle

Tuesday, May 7th

This is an invitation to step into and co-create sacred space with other women. To learn and to teach. To inspire and be inspired by the wisdom we carry in our bones, the stories we so seldom share and the magic that happens when we come together to fully see and allow others to fully see us. 

A.R.T of Self Care – Session 4 

Thursday, May 9th

Learn how to attend, respond, and transform burden towards gratitude.  

Realms of Meditation: Pineal Activation Meditation

Tuesday, May 14th

Referred to as the Gateway to the Gods, explore the electrifying benefits of this practice. Activation of this gland is known to open the 3rd Eye and invite other-dimensional experiences.

A.R.T. of Self Care – Session 5 

Thursday, May 23rd

Learn how to attend, respond, and transform rage towards grace.

Realms of Meditation: Transcendental Meditation 

Tuesday, May 28th

Transcendental Meditation is a form of silent mantra meditation developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. We'll explore its history, science, benefits, and each will get his/her own 'unique' mantra.

A.R.T. of Self Care – Session 6 

Thursday, June 6th

Learn how to attend, respond, and transform betrayal to trust.

A.R.T of Self Care – Session 7

Thursday, June 20th

Learn how to attend, respond, and transform apathy towards love.

Past Events & Workshops Archive

A.R.T of Self Care – Session 2

Learn how to attend, respond, and transform pain towards ease.

Art of Self Care for Rebel Souls

This multi-modal approach to self-care is for rebel souls who don’t fit standard expectations of life. You may feel too much and too little at the same time. You may wonder if there is more to your experience of love, loss, and uncertainty. You may linger in self-doubt and a shadowy sense of loss. 

Mantra Flow & Restore ~ Yoga & Live Music Experience with Gina Minyard & Gershone

Move, breathe, and immerse yourself in the transformative energy of mantra in this synergy offering of all levels flow and restorative yoga, with live mantra music. Mantras are ancient vibratory tools that recalibrate our being, bringing healing, upliftment, and expansion.

Kirtan Bliss – Mantra Music & Heart Song Experience with Gershone & Gina

Fusing elements of traditional kirtan with improv trance, rockin’ grooves, with sweet harmonies and deep spaces that move energy and uplift the heart in the collective experience of Bhakti Yoga.

Realms of Meditation: Loving Kindness

Come explore the profound benefits of this technique, from chronic pain management, emotional regulation, social anxiety reduction, decreased anger, and so much more. And we’ll experience this for ourselves as well as cultivate and transmit this for the benefit of others in our lives.

New Moon Goddess Circle

This New Moon ceremony invites you to shed your armor, soften, and breathe. It’s a gathering where you can be heard, held, felt, seen, and lovingly supported by the Sisterhood around you.