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We offer a wide variety of experiences. Yoga classes, meditation classes, exploratory workshops, and other events which promote connection, healing and wholeness.

Breathing Love Breathwork

Saturday, December 3rd
1:00 – 2:30 pm

We can only give and receive as much love with others as we give to ourselves. The more you love yourself, the more you begin to love your life, and exude love to others.

As you feel more joyful and loving of others, you will continually allow more love into your life. You are invited to take a deep dive, using your breath, to tap into the infinite energy that surrounds you. You will be guided to connect into your true essence as Love itself.

This workshop will include Breathwork, a playlist of music, essential oils (optional) and time for integration (stillness).

Breathwork is an active meditation that moves stuck energy (fear, anger, anxiety, grief, and negative thought patterns) in the body, using an active breathing technique. As you breathe, your mind begins to quiet, endorphins are released, and your heart begins to open. No prior experience with Breathwork or meditation is necessary.

Dress in comfortable clothes. Bring your yoga mat and anything you’d like to make yourself comfortable during Savasana. Blankets & bolsters are available in the studio.

This workshop will be facilitated by Brigitte Toussaint.

Brigitte is an intuitive breathwork practitioner, and has received her Levels 1-4 Healer certification. In addition to sharing Breathwork, Brigitte has a background in massage therapy, and is an advanced Reiki practitioner, in the tradition of Dr. Usui Shiki Ryoho. For more information about Brigitte, please visit

Restorative Yoga, Thai Massage and Sound Healing

Sunday, December 4th
3:00 – 4:30 pm

Meditate, relax and restore. Restorative yoga, Thai Massage and Sound Healing at Rebel Soul!

Chimes, gong, singing bowls, and drumming create healing sound vibrations as you relax in easy restorative yoga poses while receiving the benefits of Reiki healing energy and optional Thai Yoga Massage Assists.

Take this journey of self healing through the body, releasing tension and clearing blocked or stagnate energy, guided by Kiki Treinen, LMBT 19711, Thai Yoga Massage practitioner, Yoga teacher and Reiki master.

In restorative yoga, poses are held passively for an extended period of time.

Thai Massage incorporates massage and light compressions along the energy lines of the body to facilitate the flow of energy through the body and the bodies own natural healing process.

Reiki is a light or no touch energy healing modality that is deeply relaxing and supportive. Sound vibrations from various sources help soothe and balance the energy within and out.

Space is limited to 12, bring your own mat blanket and bolster or use ours.

Register in advance.

Moving Through Grief

Monday-Friday December 5th – 10th 
2:30-3:30 pm
Holidays can feel particulary heavy after a loss. If you are feeling stuck after loss of love, health, purpose, this workshop is designed to help you find relief.
The 5-session workshop is inspired by Grief Yoga teacher Paul Denniston’s Grief Movement Workshop. We move through the themes of Awareness, Connection, Evolve, Expression, and Surrender. Each session is a combination of gentle movement, reflection and as much or as little sharing as desired.
The breath and body movement are done seated with no requirement of prior yoga experience.
This 5 part workshop is led by Lisa Banu, PHD, MSW, RYT
Grief and Anxiety Consultant 
This event is limited to 12 participants. Be sure to register in advance if you plan to attend.

Yoga & the 5 Elements

Saturday, December 17th
11 am – 1 pm

There are five elements of nature; earth, wind, fire, air and ether. These elements affect our yoga practice, our mood and our daily activities.

Come and learn about these elements with Stacy Smith and then practice to a flow that will help balance the elements of nature with you!

YA continuing education credits for current yoga teachers.

New Year's Day Sun Salutations

January 1st 
8:30 am – 10:00 am 

Breathe, stretch and flow! Join Shannon as we welcome in the New Year with 108 sun salutations, intention setting, and meditation. 108 is a sacred number in the yogic tradition, with renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture viewing 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence.

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois called Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) a yoga mala, after the prayer beads. There are 108 beads on every strand in a mala. Each completed Vinyasa sequence becomes a bead, weaved together when performed 108 times. This brings the meditation to motion with divine intent through Surya Namaskar, where the body becomes an embodied prayer for the highest good.

As we welcome the New Year with 108 sun salutations you will experience a powerful reminder of the energy and strength of our bodies and minds. All levels are welcome and modifications will be offered.

7th annual New Year’s Detox Flow with Mert

New Year’s Day

We will begin with a heat building detoxing Vinyasa Flow practice followed by restorative postures and a meditation-afterwards there will be the traditional salt bowl intention setting for a fresh new year.  
All levels welcome. 

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We offer a wide variety of experiences. Yoga classes, meditation classes, exploratory workshops, and other events which promote connection, healing and wholeness.