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We offer a wide variety of experiences. Yoga classes, meditation classes, exploratory workshops, and other events which promote connection, healing and wholeness.

Sunday, March 26th
2:00 – 4:00 pm

Enjoy an all-levels flowing Yoga practice led by Noelle set to live drums + percussion by Justin Heter Pan, designed to guide you through an exploration of the primordial cosmic energy called Shakti.

Energy (Prana) travels through the body through energy channels called Nadis, and collects at 7 major energy centers called Chakras. Through an awareness of this energy flow, coupled with the intentional, mindful movement of the body, we can harness our own creative energy to become our most empowered selves. We co-create the vibe, or, in Sanskrit- the “Bhav”

Music and mantra will be used throughout the practice to facilitate the awakening of self, honoring our connection to all aspects of ourselves and to all beings + the planet. This practice will begin and end with an invitation to join a short call and response mantra meditation called Kirtan, or to simply enjoy the music as a powerful teacher.

Some Yoga experience and a moderate level of fitness is helpful but not required as this practice will combine Vinyasa Yoga with fluid dance-based movement. All are welcome. Let’s gooooo!

Noelle Whittington is a Yoga teacher and the founder of Soul Alchemy Course based in Wilmington, NC. Connect with Noelle on Instagram and Facebook at Narayanishakti, and on her website: To learnmore about Soul Alchemy Course visit

Justin Heter Pan is a Musician, Actor, Teacher, Stagehand, and Entertainer with more than 30 years of experience. Catch Justin playing with his band Dubtown Cosmonauts as well as his own solo projects. Connect with Justin on Instagram at @jheterpan and on Facebook at Dubtown Cosmonauts.

McGlamery St Beach Access
Wednesday, April 5th
6 pm – 7:15 pm

Join Shannon for meditation and a gentle yoga practice (appropriate for ALL levels) under the light of the full moon! 🌕 Move and breathe to the sound of the ocean. Bring a large towel, blanket or a flat sheet and a bottle of water.

Get there early to see the moonrise at 5:44 pm. Stay to watch the sunset at 7:35 pm.

*Rain Date April 6th – Same time & place

Saturday, April 1st
1:00 – 2:30 pm 
Brynn will guide you through a full body slow flow yoga practice to build strength and heat throughout – opening up the channels of energy in the body feeling alive and radiant – feeling bright and awake primed for deep stretching and YIN. 
Mert will take you down into earth based postures coming back home to the breath and inner and outer Bliss.  Practice will close with a candle light Savasana and Sound bath using Koshie chimes, crystal bowls and the soothing ocean drum. 
Hands on assists will be offered taking you deep into relaxation.
This will be a practice of non-judgment and compassion ALL are welcome.  

Sunday, April 16th
1 pm – 2:30 pm

Experience deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and stress relief. During this practice, you will be led through supported, restorative yoga poses with hands on reiki.  This practice will end in a long Savasana and a live soundscape of crystal singing bowls, drums and chimes to support a meditative mind-state and relaxed body.
There is NO EXPERIENCE required for this class.

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We offer a wide variety of experiences. Yoga classes, meditation classes, exploratory workshops, and other events which promote connection, healing and wholeness.