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We offer a wide variety of experiences. Yoga classes, meditation classes, exploratory workshops, and other events which promote connection, healing and wholeness.

Yin Nidra & Sound Healing with Mert Wray, RYT-500

Saturday, May 27th
1:00 pm – 2:45 pm

The practice of Yin yoga uses long held poses to increase circulation in the joints and increases flexibility targeting deep connective tissue such as the ligaments and fascia. Hands on assists will be offered. It will be followed up by perhaps the sweetest of all yoga styles Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep.”

This practice is performed by lying down as comfortably as possible. Mert will get you settled in with sound healing using crystal bowls, Koshi chimes and the ocean drum. After which you be guided into a state of meditation centered around the experience of inner body.

Come nourish and relax deeply with Mert.

The Practice & Science of Mindfulness and Gratitude

Sunday, May 28th
1:00 – 5:00 pm
$125 OR pay what you can.

We want this to be accessible to everyone, but also want our instructors to paid for their time and effort.

This workshop combines research on gratitude with the practice of mindfulness to offer practical useful techniques for dwelling on the good instead of ruminating on the bad, creating healthier, more joyful ways of thinking and behaving in our day-to-day lives.

Living in a world where grief, sadness, and despair are prevalent, finding joy, comfort and ease can seem like an insurmountable task. We don’t have to look very far to see a world filled with negativity. It pervades the news, TV shows, even our cell phones. While suffering is a normal part of the human condition and necessary for growth, giving undue attention to negativity in our daily activities can shape habitual thinking and behaviors in negative ways that don’t truly represent who we really are. Excessive negative thinking and negative attitudes create unnecessary stress, anxiety, and worry that result in negative social, emotional and health outcomes. The good news is that we can purposely reshape our thinking in more positive ways to experience more joy in our lives, despite the constant influx of negativity.

During this 4-hour workshop we will summarize the science of gratitude, its emotional and health benefits. We will explore three specific techniques for cultivating gratitude as a habit and how the contemplative practice of mindfulness mediation can support the development of gratitude as an attitudinal characteristic.

Presented by:

Rhea Colmar began her journey in the mind/body healing arts as a dancer then became a massage therapist and began studying mindfulness/meditation practices in the 1990’s.

Primarily practicing and studying Tibetan Buddhist approaches to meditation, Rhea is a student in the lineage of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, and others. Rhea began teaching in 2012 and founded Open Sky Meditation Community in 2020 in order to bring together a variety of mindfulness/meditation classes and events.

Learn more about Rhea here

Michael Coplen is the Founder & President of TrueSafetyEvaluation, a company that introduces mindfulness principles, practices, and techniques into organizations.

He combines the practical wisdom of the 2500-year-old Buddhist traditions and with the latest neuro-science research on mindfulness in simple yet practical ways to enhance the collective wisdom inside organizations and strengthen organizational safety culture.

Learn more about Michael here

“A special thanks to Jackie Quan from Chevy Chase, MD, a passionate advocate for the science and practice of mindfulness, for helping shape this course.” Thanks. – Mike

Yin Nidra & Sound Healing with Mert Wray, RYT-500

Saturday, June 10th
2:00 – 3:15 pm

The world needs the fully well rested you not the exhausted you.
Join Mert for Yoga NIdra and sound bath with koshi chimes, bowls and the ocean drum.

This practice will be held in the beautiful space at Rebel Soul Yoga. This is the most deliciously mindful power nap you’ll ever take. No previous experience or ability required just the desire to rest, restore, de-stress, nourish and heal.

Please wear comfortable clothing💚

💚offered lovingly by
Mert Wray- E-RYT500 YACEP

Intuitive Creations with Becky Hedgecock

Sunday, June 11th
1:00 – 3:00 pm

Hi Everyone! I am Becky Hedgecock. I became interested in the practice of “Soul Collaging” several years ago but found that embracing any spiritual practice that has a set formulary created by someone else does not work for me.

My spiritual practice is akin to a jigsaw puzzle that has moving, expressive parts.

I will share one of my pieces with you on Sunday, June 11th, at 1:00 pm entitled “Intuitive Creations.” I have put my own twist on using art as an spiritually expressive medium.

I am a seeker of truth; my own truth, as your truth may be different, with a huge desire to commune with my deeper, spiritual self. I will share a method of divination through the creation of individual collages using pictures and small material items that touch the participant in such a way that it allows their spiritual self to be heard.

I am a retired mental health practitioner of thirty years, and since retiring last year, life has charted different courses from which I have had to choose. Using one of my puzzle pieces, intuitive creations, has helped me come to terms and given me inspiration- the voice of Mother speaks loudly to me, but I have to be willing to ask the question and practice patience as I listen. “Life begins at your question mark.” Please come join me as you may discover a new puzzle piece for yourself.

Although some supplies will be provided, participants are asked to bring a few favorite magazines, and small items of interest to them. Tables and chairs will be provided if you are not comfortable sitting on the floor.

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We offer a wide variety of experiences. Yoga classes, meditation classes, exploratory workshops, and other events which promote connection, healing and wholeness.